Privacy Policy


  • I take data privacy and security seriously in my personal life. This website has been built with these values in mind.
  • No Facebook Pixels or advertisement services are installed on this site. You can verify this in your browser's admin console. I don't even have a Facebook account.
  • As no data is exchanged, I do not collect or store cookies.

Data Collected

  • Webflow powers this website. No third-party plugins or services are installed except for ConvertKit and Fathom Analytics. All three of these platforms are GDPR compliant.
  • Below you will find a link to each privacy policy.
    Fathom Analytics
  • I collect two types of data. Analytics and emails (if you choose to subscribe to my email newsletter).


  • I use Fathom Analytics; a privacy-first focused alternative to Google Analytics.
  • Read in full how they protect digital privacy here. Below are their core principles.

    [Fathom Analytics] are the proud inventors of cookieless website analytics and our software is compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR, CCPA, and COPPA.

    One of the guiding philosophies we've had since we started Fathom was that we always want to be radically transparent about how data is processed and stored. We comply with all relevant privacy laws and ensure that we always practice data minimization (only processing and saving data that's essential, useful, and privacy-focused).

  • Fathom collects and provides me with the following:
    - Unique site views
    - Site views
    - Average time on site
    - Bounce rate 
    - Content (which pages get the most views)
    - Refers (what website you came to mine from)
    - Device type
    - Browser 
    - Country

  • You can see what I see here. This is dummy data from Fathom, not my site.


  • If you choose to subscribe (I'd love to have you), your email is stored inside my ConvertKit account. This is the service I use for generating and sending email newsletters.
  • You can read ConvertKit's Privacy Policy here. ConvertKit is in compliance with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, it's one-click at the bottom of every email.
  • Your email will be deleted instantly from ConvertKit as well as from my offline backup during the next monthly backup. A new backup overwrites all previous copies. Old data backups are securely erased.

Email backup process

  • I never store your emails in plain text files like Facebook.
  • I export the emails onto my Mac every month adhering to ConvertKit's backup recommendation. When the file reaches my Downloads folder, Hazel moves it into a local storage drive (outside of iCloud and any other automatic/cloud backup services). I then encrypt them using 256-bit AES encryption with a password generated by a cryptographic hash.

Additional details

  • If you open your ad blocker (uBlock Origin) on my website, it should look identical to mine.

  • Everything listed in the above image is explained throughout this policy, aside from BugSnag. BugSnag is a service Webflow use to report any website stability issues to me in the editor. You can read their privacy policy here. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way of disabling the service, nor believe it’s possible. But, they do not have access to your email address if you choose to subscribe, nor the anonymous analytics data collected by Fathom.


The privacy policy was last updated on June 25th 2021.