A list of the things that are currently occupying my time.

  1. šŸŽ¬ I create monthly tutorials on Beats by Vanity TV, reverse engineering the sound of the artists recommended to me by the viewers. Check out my most recent upload.
  2. šŸ“€ Alongside the tutorials, I release sample libraries, Ableton projects & racks, VST presets, and more on Samples by Vanity.
  3. šŸ–„ I work on various projects with clients in a collaborative role, if you'd like to discuss working on something with me, please get in touch.
  4. šŸ’¬ I started a Discord channel to create a home outside of YouTube for creatives, stop by and say, hey!
  5. šŸ“§ I have a monthly email newsletter; if you'd like to stay up to date with my work, you can join here.
  6. šŸŽ„ I'm working on producing my first online video course; this line of content creation is something I'd like to focus on shortly.
  7. āœļø On this website, I will be writing articles about music production, creativity, and sound design - just sharing the things I'm currently interested in or exploring.
  8. šŸ’» I'm planning to jump into the world of online streaming in 2020, follow me on Twitch if you'd be interested in watching me procrastinate in Cubase and Ableton.
  9. šŸŽ¹ I'm working on original music; it's taking the shape of hybrid orchestral meets dark electronic. Check out my Spotify playlist of stuff that's inspiring it. You can also follow me on Bandcamp or Soundcloud to keep up to date with my musings.
  10. šŸ™šŸ¼ If you're interested in supporting my work, you can buy me a coffee and support my caffeine addiction, thereby increasing my output.

Get in Touch

  1. šŸ¦ Twitter - You can reach me over Twitter, my DM's are open.
  2. šŸ“Ø Email - I read and reply to every email, if you just have a question, this would be the best place to reach me.
  3. šŸ’¬ Discord - I leave Discord open whenever I'm on my computer, if you wish to chat, please add me: Matthew Vere#3226 - or join my Discord channel.

Other Stuff

  1. šŸ“š Outside of music-related activities, I read a lot of books, both non-fiction and fiction. Fiction wise my go to's are Fantasy and Sc-fi, authors like Patrick Rothfuss, John Gwynne, Brandon Sanderson & James S. A. Corey. I do my best to track all of this on Goodreads.
  2. šŸŽ® When I have the time in the evenings, video game can be a form of escapism for me. I'm currently a console peasant just for ease, but if you're on Xbox, add me, and hopefully we can play some time. For fellow Nintendo fans, my Switch code is: SW-0195-2249-3225.